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Many roads lead to the „Drei Zinnen", but the most direct and famous goes through Toblach!

Have you ever heard of the famous and magic „Toblach Drei Zinnen View"? Certainly, because if you know Toblach and the Höhlensteintal valley, you must also know well about the three famous mountain obelisks, the „Drei Zinnen".

The highest of the Three Peaks has an altitude of 2999m and is an attraction for uncountable tourists and climbers. Moreover it is particularly remarkable because is stands between two other Peaks, the small Peak and the western Peak, with an altitude of 2857m and 2973m.

These three bizarre but superb and fascinating mountains have no equal in the whole Dolomites. Thus it is also thank to a present of nature that Toblach sees so many tourists, friends of the mountains and people on an outing who come to see life the three famous „Titans“.

Short History:

Toblach has a very long and old history. The Roman army, and later tradesmen, had to use the road along the Höhlensteintal valley, as it was the shortest connection from south to north. The road was named „Strada d’ Alemagna" and used to be one of central Europe’s main transition roads until modern times.

Despite the intense traffic on the road the „Drei Zinnen" were not really noticed. Only every now and again somebody would stop to rest and enjoy the gorgeous sight of the „Drei Zinnen".

But it was only a question of time, and soon the „Drei Zinnen" received all the recognition they deserved.

A show of colours:

The „Drei Zinnen" are surrounded by sparse debris fields, which at first sight remind of a lunar landscape. On a closer observation though one can recognise a number of different Alpine flowers, shrubs, grasses and little trees, which survive despite of the poor conditions of the soil. Alas most visitors only admire the „Drei Zinnen" with their daring and bizarre forms, their rigid shapes, their magic colours changing with the light from a cold grey to a glowing red, thus leaving an unforgettable impression.


There are a number of trails and tours expecting you. The most daring among you can climb the peaks, always in company of an experienced mountain guide. For easier hikes see the page hiking suggestions around the „Drei Zinnen".

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